17 July 2012

Basics & Classics #1

WELL, first things first.

I'm not that kind of girl that at the age of 14 knew what is fashion, style, good clothes and bad clothes.
I can say that I've always had interest in clothes* but I didn't have any reference in my house or around me from whom I could copy style (like my mum, e.g.) or have style advices. Actually, I think my mum couldn't care less about "fashion" and the only thing she ALWAYS told me was "the natural, the better" - but at the age of 16 I still didn't get it. (I'd prefer if she instead only said that, she showed me what is "natural" - it would save me some ridiculous outfits.)
So, the unique reference of elegance and chic person I had and I wish I could be like one day, was, and still is, my primary school teacher.
In that way, I can say that everything I know about this theme, I learned, searched, read by myself. And it's not even a childhood dream, I mean, I started appreciating "good clothes" and "beautiful things" about 3 years ago. It all started with the blog Stylista, from Maria Guedes, the first blog I started to read - still don't know how did I get there or why - and few months later, also with her book "Tanta Roupa e Nada Para Vestir". What I know is that it was the EXACT moment when I literally drew up ALL THE RIDICULOUS CLOTHES I had in my wardrobe and started building a new one.
I think I always knew what I want, what I didn't know was how to get there. But I did, I learned, I searched and now I know myself, what works for my body, what are the good investments, the good materials,... well, what's my kind of style!
And about this, I have only 2 things to say:

Less is DEFINITELY more

(what I think my mum was trying to tell me, in other words)

Quality over quantity

About the 2nd universal truth, I want to add that there are some shops I just DON'T go. There are shops [like Bershka, Blanco, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, H&M...] that I usually never go. For many reasons that you understand why if you are getting my message in these words...

Now, every time I read a book about style, I find myself thinking if I have already understood what those authors (experts!) are trying to teach or if I don't understand what they mean already. So, every time I find myself in that part of the books in which they share their basics items, I automatically start looking to my wardrobe, looking if my clothes work for me, "scream" ME, if I have full it of basic pieces or if I didn't get "there" already, if you know what I mean... Well, at this moment, I think yes, I have catch up (ALL) the messages (learnt book by book, searched, studied, worked through the past years - yes, it requires time).

That is why I want to share, in a few posts, MY PERSONAL basic and classic items that work for me and I think for most of the girls/women that share the "same" style.
The pieces among the other ones I couldn't live without in my wardrobe.

#1 T-shirts

Black, grey and white, in cotton and linen (mine below) and you are ready to go EVERYWHERE!

As Giorgio Armani said:

I've always thought of the t-shirts as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.

With jeans, shorts, skirts, you can rock EVERY-SINGLE-OUTFIT with a simple white t-shirt, in good material, preferential. You can go chic and with a pair of heels and you can go relaxed with Havaianas or espadrilles. :)

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