2 August 2012

Basics & Classics # 4

#4 Summer sweaters

They're perfect for summer nights when there's some sort of breeze feeling or simply for those days of Spring-Summer feeling.
I elected 4 of my favorite sweaters: the navy sweater, the nautical sweater, the linen sweater and the-I-don't-know-how-to-call-it sweater, because it's too cold for Winter but too hot for Summer - it's for the space between, I might say (I only know I can't exclude it)! :)
Which fabrics? Well, linen, cotton and cashmere.

These 3 hints below are from the book Parisian Chic about the navy sweater, but I'm in believing it also works for all these sweaters:
- With white jeans. Two items just made for each other.
- Black pants, in honor of YSL's brilliant way with chic color combinations.
- With flat shoes for an "easy cool" look.


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