4 November 2012

Once in a lifetime

As I tried to say before, I've always loved cities! I need cities. I love and need them the same way I love my little village. I can see beauty wether in my favorite lagoon or in a crazy and busy street/square. I need both!
I admit cities are a part of me, I can stay hours seated (!) and just watching what's happening, absorbing the smell, the rhythms, people, etc. So, this experience I had the opportunity to catch, is just, well, let's say, a lifetime opportunity!
I'm currently in Milan, to study exactly Urban Planning, in (the great) Politecnico di Milano for 6 months.

The beautiful video is from Francesco Paciocco, and it's part of his project "Birthplace". As he describes it: 

"I spent a few months living in Milan and wanted to make a short film on the city that told a story about its people, places and essence.
Here it is, a trip straight through the heart of Milan—a city that is as haunting as it is enveloping.
Thank you to everybody that showed me around while I was there."

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