29 November 2012

Sweet November*

 *Not the movie.

Now, that's gone (really, how does the time flew?!), I have to write something about November... It was my favorite month of 2012.
The funniest, the craziest, but, above all, and believe it or not, the most peaceful month. And that is not even a paradox, it's true. It's a confusion maybe, but a perfect confusion. (You'll never understand [me]...)
Being "here", (sometimes) don't really know where, has been the deepest discovery of myself. And of the World. Every single day

I'd say just: right things that happen in right times and I'm such a lucky girl! Or, excuse me, a f*cking lucky bastard, if I may say so myself.

"You don't have to have all the big answers right now. Just ask the questions and keep asking the questions. Let them simmer in your life. The answers will arrive when you are ready."

** Enjoy the video, btw.

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