6 January 2013

Les Misérables

I have to write about it, because it's more than a must-see movie, I need to "immortalize" (here, in my blog!) what I think about it. And so, I was thinking about some key-points to write when I read this description from Christine, that I'm gonna use since she focus on the exact aspects, moments,... I shared with my mom in the end:

"(...) As for a musical film - it really doesn't get any better than this. The entire cast is outstanding and Anne Hathaway's 'I dreamed a dreamed' solo has to be one of the most gripping scenes in a musical film ever.* The live singing (see video below) is definitely what makes 'Les Misérables' stand out from other musical films and this is just one of the great decisions director Tom Hooper made that I absolutely applaud. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter add some welcome comic relief to the film (...). His [Eddie Redmayne] rendition of 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' is a real tear-jerker.**
The fact that almost all lines in this film were sung did get on my nerves just a little bit and I believe the film could have even been better (and shorter) if they had spoken some of the words instead of sung***, but I do realise this sounds like I don't understand musicals all that much and it might, of course, offend some people. So anyway, otherwise in one word I think this film is stunning."

* Her performance is so good that it's disturbing... (Just like all the movie, in fact) As she [Anne Hathaway] said in an interview: "(...) after the scene of snatching the toothFantine begins to decline very quickly."
** That was a pure poetry moment, disquieting, the verses are too strong,... Listen to that rendition, listening and seeing at the same time the sad reality, it's the moment you can't hold the tears anymore (and, I tell you, it will be like this 'til the end!). No one is really ready for it. (unless of course, if you're 16 years old who choose the longest movie just spend the time with the new boy/girlfriend and eating the fucking cinema-popcorns, kissing and so on and so forth...)
*** Exactly for this reason, there was a time during the movie that I started to feel myself quite irritated, so I completely agree with Christine.

I'd like to add the very subtile role of Bishop (Colm Wilkinson) [he tells the cops that the plates Valjean (Hugh Jackman) stole were in fact a gift], because, for me (and my mom), it's the moment of every change, at least Valjean change: he was forgiven, so he learnt to forgive.
Unlike Javert (Russell Crowe) who never forgive, was killed by the forgiveness of the others... (And I'm telling you too much already!)

The movie is "eery", and in the very first scene (with all the slaves) I start to shiver and my body was like that until the end. It's one of those movies you finish and want to start right after again, because it's too much of a good piece of art!

And, in the end, me and my mom we were laughing realizing we were not the only ones crying, looked like everyone was cleaning the face!


  1. Hoje os meus pais a primeira coisa que disseram foi que era obrigatório ver esse filme.
    Os Miseráveis de Victor Hugo, peguei nele tantas vezes.. e nada.
    Bora lá ver o filme!

  2. Yes, true! I also had the shivers from the very first second the film started. So powerful. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it and shared my opinion! :) X


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