16 April 2013

Boy Meets Girl

Often Camille writes some of the most hilarious texts about fashion and at the same time the most grounded ones too. I already shared one [here] about that amazing editorial on the desert beach that she described perfectly.
Today she shared an amazing outfit - white shirt, jeans, nude stilletos, I mean... you can never go wrong with them - together with this funny tale:

"One of the most basic, oldest stories in the book. It simply goes: boy meets girl. Boy looses girl to an array of pared back lovers of the sartorial variety girl says she cannot live without. Boy finds his way back to girl's heart by befriending said lovers and agreeing that they all live happily ever after as one big happy - polygamous - family. Tale as old as time really, and one I'm sure most of you are most familiar with.

So why bother you with it today of all sunny days?

You see, when I came home with yet another beige-looking booty  (everything looks beige to boys - they are not programmed to read the neutral palette as we are - dove grey, clay, crisp white, creamy nudes are all boring beige to them), my man friend blew a gasket.

'It's me or them,' said he, pointing an accusing finger at the crisp white shirt, the buttery biker jacket and the skin-tone pumps

'Fine,' I bluffed, 'see you around.' And as I slipped into the arms of the culprits, I saw him melt on the spot.
'You know, you do suit beige', he cajoled.

 Beige, indeed. So let me introduce you to the new crew. Looks like they will be sticking around..."

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