29 July 2013

Books in general, Cosmos in particular

Until one year ago, the majority of books I read were poetry, and, of course, despite one or another non-poetry I didn't consider I had a long list of books read in my life - not at all. On the other hand, I've always been passionate with cinema and I thought it was good replacement (way too short/incomplete list here).
The turning point of this situation though happened one year ago, when I went to Milano for 6 months of studies and for the 1st time in school years most of my final evaluations would be based on books to read during the semester. And that's how it happened: during this year I read more books than in my entire life! Both on academic and "personal" sides. Something my mom herself has been tried to persuade me for a long time, she is an avid reader and an avid writer, happened very easily when I myself felt needed.

With that I said, I'd like to present one of the books that, for several reasons, meant the most to me so far. I've reading it for a while now, interleaving with more urgent readings, and although at a first sight is appears a technical or hard reading, it isn't. I think in fact that there has to be an interior predisposition to read it. I felt it needed when for the 1st time in life* I start questioning and doubting about, well, let's make it simple: our existence (ad infinitum ... here) and, not so evident but also important, because I'm a proud atheist.

Cosmos, from Carl Sagan, that is.

*a) it could (and probably it may) never happen for most people life time; b) there are of course people who naturally born with that curiosity; c) or it might come a time in one's life that, as I said, for one reason or another, or a sum of several events (my experience in Milano included), we simply become aware of the outside of the bubble we living in...

FYI, complementary to the book, and from the responsability of Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan, there's a 13 episodes serie named Cosmos too.

And just for the record, two of my favorite cosmologic-poetry moments were already shared here and here (portuguese).

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