30 September 2013

Assorted from Berlin

 The currywrust junk-deliciousness

Berlin streets

Checkpoint Charlie

Menu standards - at The Bird

You know, in cities where cold seasons can be pretty heavy, sunny days (not only during summer) mean everybody outside home, enjoying parks, cafes, their own backyards, etc. During summer though is unbelievable the way people enjoy and uses the city in general and green spaces in particular (luckily Berliners have a lot of) - so pleasant! In Portugal unfortunately we don't have this park culture but rather the "keep off the grass"...

Beer gardens - at Licht Park

And last but not least, a big, huge thanks to my dear old friend João for showing me Berlin in the best possible way in the short free time I had. It's mostly thanks to you that I had the so local experience of the city, which I loved!

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