20 September 2013

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Well, excuse me in advance for the selfie post, but I feel like celebrating these times.
As I randomly wrote before, my life dramatically changed (for better, I mean, really better!) over a year ago, when I moved temporarly to Milano. I already gave up on trying to understand how enriching this experience was, as I see the perks of it coming little by little on my daily life.
Today, 20th of September, marks exactly one year of my arrival in Milano and, I tell you, since then my life calendar changed to pre and post 20th September 2012 (!)

The picture below was taken in a delicious italian restaurant, filled with old furniture and books, where we had one of those worldwide dinners, few weeks ago in Torino* and I automatically smile when looking at it as I feel the real happiness of these times shining through it. 
Right now, I can't be anything other than grateful and happy for all that I have; and, if I may say so myself, proud of the person I am and becoming

Getting lost on the beauty of it all

* It's true italians can drive me a little bit crazy, but I owe Italia some of the best time of my life indeed!
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