14 October 2013

The never ending spirit

Back to this post I wrote last week and to these statements I shared, I'd like to add this I read today:

To be happy doesn’t mean you don’t desire more, it simply means you’re thankful for what you have and patient for what’s yet to come. Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that you fail to notice the little things that give life its magic. So appreciate today for all it’s worth. Today is one of the good old days you’re going to miss in the years ahead. 

And all this comes again because yesterday I had a wonderful rainy-sunday-evening.
I was about to go out to meet a friend when I went downstairs and saw my brother watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, oh my!... that's an irresistible plan for this tenderly soul. Needless to say I changed plans in a blink of an eye. Plus, as I'm probably the most passionate person I know about Christmas, that was the moment I realized my Christmas 2013 spirit is officially open!
And so, these are the kind of little things I'm most thankful for, a sunday-rainy-night with my brother wrapped on a blanket in our sofa watching Willy Wonka.

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