19 November 2013

Down with 4, Up with 2!

I've now just organized my Categories on the left side bar and added the "Up w/2" - that should stand for something like "Down with the 4, Up with the 2 - wheels and legs"!

I've always been a big defensor of walking everywhere, both for pleasure and running errands, as I think we were born pedestrians more than anything - and this is my biggest conflict with most of people that think were born drivers - but the big news here is my growing sensibility for the 2 wheels - bikes and motorbikes - during this last year.
Again, it's not that I don't like cars, which aesthetically I'm a big appreciator, but it's just that I finally realized that most of the car trips I've done in the past, but keep seeing around me, are simply ridiculous. Most of my friends/family move on cars for really short trips, and by short I mean short... And that frightens me out! Even more because, of course, I live in a plane village and in a plane city - both perfectly walkable and bike friendly.
You'll find here the reasons why I'm a big defensor of walking and riding bikes - environment and health mainly - and also the reasons why classic motorbikes start to gain a little of my heart with all the story, power, freedom, feelings and journeys one can be lucky enough to make with them. I think this video expresses it perfectly!

I could have done it without expressing myself here, but I do see it as a changing-minds (mine at least) moment and maybe it could inspire or work for other people to look at this issue in other way (hopefully) - in Portugal generically speaking, as in Amsterdam and other cities, they're already struggling with space for parking bicycles...

And just for the record and making it short, people who ride bicycles and walk want to see more people doing so and it actually makes you feel good and safe when a lot of people use urban (or not so urban) space in a friendly way, whereas drivers only want to see less and less drivers/cars on the streets. (!)

For more, a lot more, just click here.

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