12 December 2013

Cocooning time

It's getting cold and per usual my hibernation instinct is starting to set in. 
I'm definitely a more Winter/Autumn person! If I had to explain why (which I haven't and most certainly can't) it's simply because everything gets more cozy (especially on December, the sweetest month ever!). Even the clothes, I appreciate more the charm and class of winter clothes than the summery ones. Don't get me wrong, I do like Summer and in reality I feel fortunate to live in a country with the 4 seasons; it's just that I prefer the cocooning time.
I have this life dream/goal of working/living in some nordic country and I can't wait for the moment of my life when it'll actually happen and all this (below and more) can be more than inspiration - hopefully.


 Photos: The Style Files

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