5 December 2013

These two movies

This quote I've already shared here "I'll be always grateful to all the women who struggled before me" is something I really take in consideration in my life now.
I'm a very excited woman, always unsatisfied (!) - happy but always unsatisfied -, always wanting more, dreaming and projecting how I want my life to be and all that, but that's not only because of my ambition, mental capacity of aspiring more and seeing beyond what's achievable, that's most certainly because I have my basic needs 100% suppressed. That fact, by itself, makes me feel incredibly lucky (and aware to not take them for granted). Plus, the society and times I live in, beyond all the craziness I sometimes mourn about, are healthy, developed and secure (this is not North Korea, Africa, Venezuela, whatsoever) and I've never ever suffered any kind of war or racism. That's why sometimes it's hard for me to believe in all the atrocities commited in Human History.
The other day, Jamie wrote something that I deeply agree with and it's related with this problematic: "It is so different to be a woman now, the opportunities presented to us that were never available for our grandmothers or mothers. I feel so blessed to be alive now and able to do what I love, and I know that comes from the courage of the women before me, my own determination and faith in myself, and the love and support of many other inspiring women around me."
That said, I want to share two movies I've watched recently which, in the end, made me think about all this, all the things I shall be thankful for.
And just for the record, The Butler is such a piece of cinema, just sayin'...

The Help

The Butler

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