26 January 2014

Nostalgia in Times Square

This post from Ann Street Studio (told you already how big fan of their work I am) gave me such good vibes of my favorite musical genre: jazz! Looking through those pictures I could find myself lost somewhere I've never been, in the old and underground NY with all the jazzy corners!... Oh my!

Mingus Big Band - Nostalgia in Times Square

Yeah, I was hanging out in Times Square, reminiscing to the rhythm of the city. Walking up and down Broadway, checking out all them fine babes. Dancers on their way to class. Birdland, the jazz corner of the world! Yea, I played with Mingus at Birdland one night. I said, Charles, can I play one with you? He said yeah, come on, man. As long as the union don't bust us. Well, no sooner said than done, Mingus counted off Charlie Parker's "Coco", fast as he could play it. And man, that was fast.Well, I got off two choruses without getting too bruised. And then when the set was over James Hoodie came over and gave me a big hug, and said, man, you made it! Made me feel real warm. Gave me the courage to keep on keeping on, Jack. Yeah! Well, I sure felt good that night.


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