31 March 2014

La parisienne/Frenchism &other stories

My big crush on the french style, La Parisienne, the french cinema, the city of Paris and all, it's already public and well known.
But, who else, better than a (bunch of) true french, could describe it? I found Garance Doré posts about Frenchism, Things Parisians Do and La Parisienne génial!
If you want to have a little fun too, go and have a look.

I'd just share some of the passages I've found interesting:

"We’ve talked about the Parisian style over and over, but the thing that has made the strongest impression on me is actually the Parisian state of mind. One doesn’t go without the other, after all.
The Parisian “esprit” is a sort of bourgeoise insolence, an unapologetic frankness, sometimes to the point of being slightly provocative. It’s a self-deprecating sense of humor that comes from being deeply confident in yourself and in your class."

"[...] I’d sum up her style as carefully curated to look absolutely effortless!"

“I feel like the myth of “The Parisian” comes from the fact that France is pretty old school in a lot of ways.
[I totally agree and wonder if the whole fashion legacy here is some of the reason. Paris is home to some of the most important fashion houses that have defined chic for decades. Which can be pretty intimidating…]
In London and Berlin, you can try anything, from blue hair to a tattoo on your arm, mix sneakers and formal dresses. But in Paris, you take the time you need to make a new trend yours and you keep the things that work well on you, well-cut basics that work for sure.
Maybe this is where the myth of the “simple and chic Parisienne” comes from?”

“The French don’t follow fashion blindly. I mean, really, because the French think they are the ones making the trends! She doesn’t follow trends, she just allows a few in her life.
She’ll never show up at a party looking like a Christmas tree. She chucked her ballet slippers for some pumps, but kept her jeans on. Actually, she only stopped by the party because she had a little bit of free time.”

“She’s natural and sophisticated at the same time. It means, for example, shiny hair but never blown out. Red lipstick, but very little make up. Very natural hair color too. Even if there is a color, you shouldn’t see she had one done.
She is the definition of studied effortlessness. Everything is super thought about, but she looks like she just woke up in the morning exactly the way she appears in front of you.”

Illustrations: Garance Doré

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