7 May 2014

No more pink princess crap

when i was child princess/pink was huge in advertising. girl = princess. i was fortunate to be friends with my older brother who kindly and automatically included in activities like building and that is exactly what i wanted to spend my life doing. quietly building. and now as adult there are few things i like more than to focus my mind on building something, whether products for our customers with our team, company plans, large scale painting, planning installations in woods, or to see what others are working on.
to feel confident in anything is to have engaged in struggle to master. that in my opinion is what success looks like. willful engagement with struggle for the benefit of learning how. girls do that naturally when they're given the opportunity.
tomboy as a term for girls who happen to like doing the things i did as a girl, yes its a term but nothing i was doing felt boyish to me. it felt me-ish. as in, yeah i like to do this and why the hell not. this is life and this is on the menu. most of lifes enjoyments have nothing to do with anything but personality and taste and what percentage exactly has to do with gender? - well i dont know and how are we going to quantify that! it is going to vary so much from person to person so what is the answer here. human beings are different and also alike. i've met extraordinary kindness in men and extraordinary kindness in women. i want to rise to that, i want to know how to deserve that. what else matters, i am not sure. you know what i'm saying.
in terms of princess, not that there is anything wrong with princess, and princess is pretty great in terms of the outfit, but what exactly is she doing/focusing on? what is so advantageous about being that title in particular. does she have ruling power ultimately? in more than just the lower courts? also is she waiting to be queen or what. whats the plan here.
But you know the idea that girls automatically gravitate to princess - yes modern advertising is a powerful thing. it can get adults to reach for things as well. to see more examples of this look at the remarkable power of advertising in another area: Anti-Age. the idea that the passage of time is something to be 'fixed' via buying a little jar of cream.  there is nothing wrong with little jar of cream, they can be really nice and why not. but age of course is a natural occurrence that happens to every living being on the planet. to the little song birds. to the trees. even to the baby. and is the baby ashamed of that? no. the baby doesn't need to fool around with that! the baby is busy doing other things. as it should be. get back to playing baby and dont worry about it! to be convinced to be ashamed of aging is not natural, and not worth a damn. the purpose of aging is to gain experience, wisdom, to advance and to figure out how to share, how to give something true to another. it is the ultimate opportunity.
lastly the cultural significance of the color pink is fascinating, to see what modern advertising has done to that color through promotion and repetition of an idea is incredible. pink itself is a color. you know what im saying. its not inclusive or exclusive. human beings can love this color...it is a beautiful color. how could it not be.  and it is infinite to look at color. one can spend whole life just looking at color and what a life.
how to choose one color to say it is the one about girls.
all of them, i choose them all.

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