30 July 2014

The Golden Hour

I'm not a professional photographer whatsoever (but I also don't think we need to be professional to be whatever...).

However, I've always been fan of meaningful and "good" photography (whatever it means) and what I believe I have is something I'd describe as sense and sensibility: the ability to always look for different angles for the same possible shot (except when the unexpected happens - which sometimes happens to be the best moments and shots too), good light, some macro details and, the most important to me, to be a good observer... Most of it, based on a trial and error experimentation. So, other than this, when it comes to technical tricks and knowledge, I must admit my ignorance.
Nevertheless, I'm very demanding with photography, mine and with others in general, and when it comes to light - which is known to be a crucial element in photography - "if there's one thing that can make or break a photograph more than any other, it's lighting" - the so called "golden hour" is my favorite thing in the world! See here & here & here.
Not that professional explanations are important to me, since it's been my favorite moment of the day since forever (for photography or not), even before I knew it had this official name, but below I'll post two somehow definitions and share some photos I took today, at dusk, along my "golden" street!

Source: PetaPixel

"The golden hour, sometimes called the "magic hour", is roughly the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset, although the exact duration varies between seasons. During these times the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light which is much more flattering than the harsh midday sun that so many of us are used to shooting in."

"The golden hour is the period of time the color of the sky goes from red and orange to yellow or, as its name suggests, golden tones, having a warm color temperature. Lighting is soft, diffused and with little contrast, since the sun is low in the sky.
Due to the type of light that exists during this period of time, that doesn’t produce strong shadows and harsh lighting, it’s ideal for landscape photography."
in PetaPixel

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