17 August 2014

Street photography

It's now an official feeling that I can put into words about when I intentionally plan to go out and shoot: no matter how many shots I can do, I'll always be content when "the one" [photograph] happens and I feel it immediately. I'm never desperate to make it, it just happens and most certainly it will join my favourite photos collection - like I explained here before. This is the kind of photo you made that makes you feel like "Ok, I can go home now and just look at it!". This past week though, strolling around Grenoble, France, I had 3 photos that made my day.
With that said, I also feel like sharing these thoughts about Henri Cartier-Bresson photography by Eric Kym with which I agree and somehow make sense with what happened with my photos:

Be patient:
When you are out shooting and you see fascinating scenes, wait for the right person to walk by to complete your image. Although you don’t want to camp out for hours on end to wait for the right moment to occur, practice a bit of patience. You don’t always need to go out and hunt for photo-opportunities. Allow them to come to you.

Take photos of children:
Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to shoot children (all of this hysteria in the news about pedophilia and kidnappings). However children are great subjects to shoot when it comes to street photography. In my experience I have noticed that they don’t mind being in front of the camera, and often ignore it. Therefore you are able to capture their true essence: playful, curious, and often mischievous.

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