15 September 2014

The September issue

I never felt "la rentrée", or the "back to school", or "the September issue" to be a turning point in my year and thus in my life. January, on the other hand, has always played this role: time to set up new goals or improve old ones - read here. My year is planned from January to December, that's it.
What I feel both in Spring and Fall time though it's just a moment of changing weather, mood, lifestyle; the first to bloom and the second to embrace coziness (needless to say, I choose the last one!)*.
Nonetheless, seems this September has brought some need of changes in my life - cutting hair (trust me, when a woman is ready to cut her long hair, that's a sign!), throwing stuff away, clean and all the things that make us better, more focus, more resolute, with less, much less... Proofs of it are here presented, in the form of photos, after a weekend spent gardening with my mom.

*More of Autumn days here, here and here.
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