14 November 2014

Let it snow!

Going through archives of old photos also means valuing some good old ones that seemed ignored at that time. At least, that's what happened when I went through my Milano photos (again! see more here) in order to find a specific one (7th on the list below) to finally find out that the whole photoshoot was worth looking more deeply into. Needless to say, great memories attached too! Winter 2012 was probably the last time I saw snow. Longing for it already!... Maybe this year?!

Good memories and beautiful snow tales aside, thruth is, if I'd look to these photos isolatedly, out of the context and ignoring the fact that it's me in them, all this scenario would probably seem to me a little 'dark' and suspicious... I like the frightful and solitude feeling present in the b&w photos.

Parco Sempione, Milano.
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