9 December 2014


I was following some Tumblr pages without noticing its website, I didn't have an account so I was using it individually, that was until I realized I had like 5 tabs opened (not too much though!) all from Tumblr and I decided I should join and have access to it all in one window. They were/are not personal blogs, just a sum of charming photos endlessly reblogged (that's why I never know the source of the images there). Turns out, I'm now following a few more and everytime I open my account it's like Christmas everyday with a dashboard full of beautiful and inspirational images! Reason why I decided to share some here, because that's my mood today.

Also, I found it the perfect platform (until I do something better!) to organize my own photos, my favorites ones - taken by me or of me taken by someone else - in one place, with less talk and more focus on photographs only. Here.

Photos ?
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