4 July 2015


I guess the time has come when I don't feel like putting anything down here. I'd like to say that it's mainly because I don't have thoughts lately, but that would be awkward even for me. I had, they are just not from and for my inner creative self. In the history (!) of this blog, and therefore, my life, there was never a period I felt so uninspired. Before yesterday, the last time I took my camera out was in April! Trust me, that's not a good sign... Life has been passing by though, can't complain, but I've been finding joy on very simple things I cannot express here.
End-of-the-day-walks are still a major/basic command in my life and precisely yesterday (July, the 3rd) I watched what can possibly be my favourite sunset of all times! The most spectacular show.
Here are left some pics I took with my mobile for the last 3 months or so, low quality, always during the same routine, the most important portrait of my days. The only place you can be sure you'll find me.

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