23 August 2015

Something personal

Well, look, I have this thing to say:
These waters, this sky, this green and these paths are my one and real love in this life. There's nothing I miss in a constant basis like I miss this place. People come and go and this place has been in my heart forever. My love, my true love. It never disappoints and I treat it with the same equal deep respect and gratitude, opening my arms and saying 'Eu Amo-te' looking all around.

I've been finding myself immersed in ridiculous professional tasks where I don't find any pleasure, I've developed zero tolerance for academic arrongance and not considering anything great of achievement when I look around and see what people are cheering for (innovation, technology, research, ...) Right, meaningless for my happiness and, as selfish as it sounds, that's all that matters to me. I do appreciate a good work when I see it, but most of the times I'm just 'pfff...so what?'. Universities and degrees don't mean a thing for me anymore unless it's really good and from where good things can really come up (my admiration tends mostly for the Nordics education system), and yes, trust me, I tried a few study plans from different institutions, being Politecnico di Milano distinctly the best so far (recently rated as 14th in the Top 100 Architecture Universities in the World, btw).
I'm lucky to have a job in which I do something quite reasonable and interesting, but you know, the time came when I started questioning everything and deeply how I'm spending my days and it all go down to very low quality.
So maybe a change has to come sooner or later.

Meanwhile, I'll find my moments of peace and love here as well as dreaming of a quiet life out of a ridiculously competitive society who has it all wrong and gives us terrible advice.

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