2 November 2015

Farmer's life

I wanted to write about this place for ages now! It's the house/farm of my seamstress and also long time family friend. For whatever reason we go there, we always end up in the backyard and I make sure to treat  myself with seasonal nature's goodies (strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, raspberries, 'aracá', you name it!). I like it very much as it reminds me the roots I came from: my green, my village, my sky, my people somehow.

It's a place I want to photograph every single time I go there but never remember in advance, meaning, I always managed to forgot camera at home. This past saturday though, thanks to my new toy, it was possible, oh the perks of having a smartphone with a reasonable camera... (Nothing compared, of course, with the perks of having a farmer's life quite like this!)

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