21 January 2016

Mountain life

One of my all time favorite routines/habits/sports is to walk. I love to walk and I'd walk everywhere if only I could.
In a daily life, I'm the one who takes her car only when needed (I know "needed" may put my definition in a very vague notion, but let's consider my restrictions as: long distances, difficult accesses and weather conditions - and yes, why not admit, some sartorial moments!) and hardly are distances I'd say not to walk. I already wrote a lot about my love for walking here & here & here.
This fact of mine is decently consummate, when it comes to leisure time, in my long walks every night (1h approx.) and every now and then hikes in the mountain. 'Every now and then' moments which I'm committed to transform in a more of a monthly ritual in 2016, when possible. Yes, it's one of my 2016 resolutions under the motto 'do more of what makes you happy'.

All these thoughts came again to me after watching the newborn -so far so good- portuguese tv programme "Portugal a Pé" which made me want to go outside in the middle of one these winter nights and realize my last hike was somewhere 2 months ago. Time to go again!

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