11 January 2016

Pool time

I'm not the biggest fan of pools, saunas and the kind, built environment made for relax and down time. And now that I think of it, it's because when I feel like I need to rest, I do nothing but walk and wander around my village and its nature, which is the most peaceful place on Earth for me.

However, being in Miami again for 2 weeks this past December, I must admit pool and jacuzzi time was undoubtedly the highest point of my days. That was actually my one and only plan - taking the most advantage of the pool every single day, twice if possible. And well, not only that goal was very well accomplished :), but this was in general the most needed vacation I ever had, for which I had no plans except to chill a lot, disconnect with (almost) everyone, family time, enjoy (very) hot weather, sun, eat, sleep, palm trees and, again, dates with this irrestible pool.
With that said, I also must admit that the bite of lust I know I had during the 2 weeks felt very right and I couldn't be more grateful for the good times and happy days I had.

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