14 May 2016

My everyday show

The other day I realised that my end-of-the-day-walks dominate 90% of my phone's gallery and it's no surprise. Just take a look below... :)
Technology aside, this is indeed all I crave for at the end of the day. I feel so blessed to live and to be born here... This place is everything. I usually don't even like to bring my iPhone with me when I go for my walks, but when I do, it's certain that I won't arrive home empty-handed.
One day, I read that someone's wish 'for life' was to never miss a sunrise, so she'd wake up everyday before it; well, for me, it's the same but with sunset and dusk. And oh boy, everyday it's a show! And when I think 'no other can beat this one!', that's when the next is just better!
Believe me or not, but I've came to a point where, when it doesn't happen, it has a profound effect on my day.


  1. A primeira, segunda e terceira.... Caramba!! (L)

    1. Eu sei!! Nem digas nada... É muito amor mesmo! (L) Se não for um destes, um espectáculo parecido espera por ti qd quiseres!

  2. Que fotografias lindas! Posso perguntar, que lugar é este, tão lindo ? :)

    Um beijinho


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