7 March 2013

The Nordic Queens!

It's been a while that I want to do this post about "the nordic" style, because it's been also a while that I've been highly influenced by it and by its muses. I wish I could that, along with the french style, I finally have found my style - I wouldn't mind - but I guess it's more my sometimes portuguese(?!)-sometimes french-sometimes nordic combo.

After being in Italy, in Milan exactly, for 6 months I can tell you this: italian fashion is a big industry - no doubt. First of all, is industry. Consuption, superficial and massive. And apart from being inspired for the care (beauty, food - no fat people! - etc.) that italians have on their daily routine, I am absolutely no fan of the italian "beauty" (and society in general!). No way!
On the other hand, everytime I found myself looking back for some girl (girls dress for girls!) on the streets of Milan, most of the times it was because there was some nordic style passing by! Blonde, perfect light skin, light eyes, tall, skin, black/white/neutral outfits,...

It's simple, classy, chic & casual; it's feminin, but not too girlish and it's sexy but not too obviously sexy - all together! How come?!
Some can say it could be boring and I cannot disagree, because I don't feel they take a lot of risks, true say. But that's no problem for me, I can negotiate the risks over the natural beauty and the effortless-chic. It's more a "always winning team" - if you know what I mean - and the queens of:

Less is More

On my blogroll inspiration, I'm talking especifically about:

 Christine (seen here & here)



  1. Adooroo, principalmente a Columbine e a Sofi!

    Acho que elas têm uma noção de estilo muito boa, elegante, não tanto virada para as tendências mas sim para os básicos que nunca passam de moda e que tornam qualquer look chique.

    XoXo Fashion Hunter

    1. Acrescentaste mais informação útil ao meu post! De acordo! ;)


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