8 March 2013


Here's an example of an editorial that had everything to be great and is simply hideous!
I'm talking about this editorial: "Women's stripes" shooted in Costa Nova (see my previous post), Portugal.
Well, the place is obviously beautiful: very traditional house architecture (stripes), beach, very picturesque and a fishing village. So... with all these factors, I'm not really sure how could they (I don't know who) made so bad pictures! I'm not saying this because I know the place and I know better the "good spots", simply because there are no hidden spots! Everything's beautiful and very accessible at a first sight, so this is just a bad work of photos, not only about catching the place itself - which they didn't really succeed, but the edition they made! Arrrghh... That first picture with the lighthouse on the back is terrible - the cars, the size of the picture, the framework in general... And the last picture, can someone please help me understanding that shadows?

Photos: The Guardian 

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