7 May 2013

The italian dream!...

Forget not about the Ralph Lauren postcard, but my "Italian dream" (already had a glimpse of it, fortunately!) can be a beautiful postcard too. And it goes like this:

... Toscana, fine Estate/principio Autunno, villa, Firenze, vino, formaggio, basilico, [bruschetta!!! - ok, all the italian food!], Vespa, Fiat 500, amici e amore, Sole, notti calde e cene all'aperto, ...

I love this old editorial from Tod's "An Italian Moment" to illustrate it, but also these two movies: "Letters to Juliet" (already shown here) and "Under the Tuscan Sun" (see below).
Under the Tuscan Sun is pure delight, it's THE movie that makes you fall in love with Tuscany immediately... and forever!

Under the Tuscan Sun

Tod's "An Italian Moment"
Photos: Kalle Gustafsson
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