24 July 2014

Blurred photos for blurred lives

Not sure about the purpose of showing blurred photos here, imperfect ones captured in perfect moments. I think it's all about reminding ourselves about the purpose of life - mine at least.

I now understand that all my life I've been dealing with it in a trial-and-error basis and it took me 25 f*cking years to become what I am. I've been a very lucky girl - true that - my struggles are nothing comparing to what's happening around the world (firstworldproblems?!), but anyway, I'd like to address these thoughts mainly about mental growth.
I never refused to learn and grow, I've always been open to all the experiences that came to me and allowed them to change me, because I believe we, on ourselves, are no final destination. I allowed to choose the best of each and every experience and learnt with their mistakes, so I can accept more easily and be a better person. I'm not static, the girl I was 10, 5, 3, 1 years ago is no longer the girl I'm right now. My soul is the same, and it's portuguese - doubt not -, my honest and contagious smile is still easy to get, but the way I feel about life and howI deal with it is different. Call it vulnerability, I call it growth. I feel stronger than ever, confident than ever, because all this trial and error process helped me to know better what fits me and what fits me not, learnt to say "no". Remember that!
I also always choose to confront my not-so-good-moments, I never tried to escape, I took decisions when I had to and I didn't wait for the sun to come, I cried when I needed to, and, guess what, I found most of the answers when alone.
I have no admiration for people who refuse to grow and stay stuck in themselves, in old ideas, most of the times based only in opinions and pure judgements and nothing solid that is worth being stuck on. But then again, the way I deal with life, and consequently, with people, changed - I no longer care for them, except when they cross my path... In fact, we shouldn't consider other people's opinion especially when they never walked your path or a path with you. I believe each one of us should do and deal with life the way one wants, but be aware that there are no standards and no such thing as "normality".
My world has changed, my rules also changed, but the only universal truth I believe here is truly that "your freedom ends where my freedom begins".

Shall my mottos resonate in your mind:

"Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity."

"Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."

"Be your own person, in your own body, living your own life."

"I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things."

"Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value [comprehend] you. Know your worth even if they don’t."

Other than that and to the photos below: sand under my feet, wind in my hair, salt on my skin. And yeah, life could be as easy as this, but people just tend to complicate things and occupy lives with problems they think necessary they need in order to live...

Antibes, France.
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