9 November 2014

Life at 25

When you come out of a storm, you won't be the same person that walked in. That's what the storm is all about.

Haruki Murakami 

I don't believe that people change, like totally, in their inner most part.
However, I do believe that we can evolve and ultimately that is something that is going to happen anyway, because it's inevitable with the growing process - whatever how this one occurs... For me, it started a few years ago, when I started to explore "the world" by myself.
During this time, there was a moment when I actually thought I had changed, but that's not true, my soul is the same and I know that everytime I come home. What I must have changed, mostly influenced by the people I have the opportunity to meet, is my vision, ideas, plans, priorities, knowledge, culture, habits... And although all that, for a moment, seems a lot and enough to change a person completely, that's not true - our nature is our nature.
But the truth is, I feel comfortable on my skin more than ever and I'm so very thankful for all the things that happened in my life in this very last 2 years for they have changed my life forever, mainly because I actually let them have impact on me, so I could learn and also sort out what would be good for me or not, what would work in my life or not... So, what I was thinking today afternoon after reading this quote from Haruki, is exactly this that I wrote, something I've struggling with for few months and I think I already tried to explain here. 
In my life in particular, frustrating and annoying as it can be sometimes*, I cannot expect for other people to understand this, close friends, family, whoever, whatever, never, especially if they never experienced such things. I think it should be obvious (!!!) if I no longer care about this or that, if I no longer agree with old ideas or if my patience level for ignorance dropped to a minimum, for instance! I mean, there must be things that changed in this process, otherwise, there's no point for going out, we can stay home all life because nothing from the outside world will be welcomed.

*I don't feel particularly happy to write about the things I hate, annoy me and being focused on the bad-energies-side, but sometimes 'a girl gotta write what a girl gotta write'!
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