19 December 2014

"The sentence in the cities is interminable"

You can't see the commas between the houses, which is what makes reading them so difficult and walking through the streets so tedious.
The sentence in the cities is interminable. But it is fascinating, and the countryside is deserted by people who were once its sturdy farmers and now want to see for themselves the admirably tricky text that everyone is talking about, so hard to follow, most often impossible.
Which is, however, what these stubborn workers try to do, walking ceaselessly, lapping up the diseases of the sewers and the leprous facades as they go by, rather than the still elusive meaning: that still escapes them. Groggy with poverty and fatigue, they wander by the store windows, occasionally losing their goal, but never their quest... and that's the end of our fine countryside!

Henry Michaux in Slices of Knowledge

More here & here.
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