1 April 2015

LxFactory, cities in general, Lisbon in particular

24h in Lisbon to charge all batteries!
I mean, honestly, from all I've seen and met, few cities seem to me more appealing than this one. I love Lisbon! And I really do. 
What happens between me (and cities, in general) and  Lisbon isn't new, we have a long standing relationship given my physical (literally) and soul attraction for this city (see here & here & here) and I think it is just getting better and better... There is so much to explore that I can get (delightfully) confused - but then again, that's what cities are for, right? It's just that this hustle and bustle works better in some cities than others...
Last year, I had the opportunity to live almost there, in a also too good to be true village nearby (Cascais that is) which allowed me to better discover Lisbon, only contributing for my growing love for this piece of well made urban/human life: the historical center (very rich in history), the Expo'98 area, Belém, local neighbourhoods, markets, associations, etc. Basically, the perimeter of the city is FULL (from N to S, E, O) of places worth visiting. Countless tiny doors I don't really know, but makes me wonder and leave me imagining what might happen behind (the food, drinks, conversations, readings,...). 
It is a city where everyone fits. If cities would have gender, I'd say Lisbon is like a cool teenager! (Whereas, for example, Paris would be a very female and romantic lady and so on.) Lisbon, and here thanks to some governmental work I guess, it's a tolerant city, open to experiment and experiences. 

Take LxFactory for instance, the place I spent more time in during my last visit to attend a friend's exhibition, "a factory of experiences were intervention, thought, production is made possible. Staging ideas and products in a place belonging to everyone, for everyone."
It was like feeling as fish in water. ;)

Pictures to follow.

Photos: me and Leslie
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