10 February 2016

Open letter to my love

For you... Who deserve all my love and confidence. Your chest is indeed my new home, the pillow I rest more gracefully. The only place I'd rather be (everyday!) and you know I've always been this girl who wants to be somewhere else...
We're no perfect, but you're one of the most beautiful human beings I had the pleasure to meet, if not the most beautiful soul indeed, and I feel extremely lucky that you fell in love with me. Also, never in my life I had someone caring for me like you do, so I want to thank you for that. I'm spoiled.
When we first met, I had hard times believing there could be someone out there like you for me and I didn't always thought I deserved you (I mean, I've always been a self-loved person, but you were just too good for me, you know?) and my soul was a very dark place to live. I was afraid I'd be the first person showing you the dark side of a human nature, with all my selfishness and my, back then, inability to live a shared life, but I now realise I was easy and happily influenced by your beauty, not the reverse. :) Darkness behind, sooner than I realised, there I was, body and soul wide open for you, looking ahead again, never looking back.
I know my flaws throughout this year together and there are obviously things I wish I could have done differently, nevertheless it's been a beautiful journey with you (full of extreme ups and extreme downs!) and here we are, no matter what.

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