30 October 2016

Rise and shine!

These past 2 months have wrapped me in some kind of bubble where I'm living in a total isolation from outside world. I'm not the one to complain since I'm loving every minute of it, but it does feel good to go outside and breath in some fresh air. Quite literally in this case :)

With that said and for what matters here, one of the few down sides of being immersed in a personal project, is that my usual evening walks went to from rare to none lately (and god knows how it costs me!).
So, yesterday I woke up in a need of walking in the mornings instead and today I made it happen! What an excellent idea, since it was the perfect Fall morning, sunny with a mist blanket in the horizon. I love all things Fall and how can we not?!

Mother Nature put on a show and the mist brought with it a fine layer of wet glitter, which made me oh and awe at every few steps! It somehow hurts me inside knowing I've been loosing this...
Year after year, I feel more and more blessed to live in this village, which, without a doubt, must be one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I'm feeling blessed today.

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