27 November 2013

Who actually made your clothes?

And just after my last post, here comes another one related to the subject with a pertinent question: who actually made your clothes?

Last week Mary Nighy debuted with her short film “Handprint” at the International New York Times Luxury conference. In the film, starring the model and actress Elettra Wiedemann, we find her in a roomy apartment littered with designer clothing. When she is about to put on her dress, suddenly there’s different hands all over her – helping her slipping on her shoes and zipping up the dress. When she looks at herself in the mirror suddenly she sees a bunch of people– the people who helped her getting dressed. 
In what way are these people involved in the making of our everyday wear? 
The film is directed by Mary Nighy and commissioned by Livia Firth, the Green Carpet Challenge founder. 
According to Vogue Elettra Wiedemann, who is starring in the film, said she is a huge fan of Livia Firth. “I loved the idea of making people pause and think about all the different hands their garment has passed through – from “farm to hanger”, so to speak”.

Handprint by Mary Nighy from White Lodge on Vimeo.

Source: Freshnet

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